CPHQ Preparation Course 22-26/6/2022



2 months ago

What is CPHQ

CPHQ stands for Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, it is the only accredited certification in the profession of healthcare quality. The CPHQ credential distinguishes professional and academic accomplishment by practitioners of healthcare quality management.  Success in the CPHQ exam can make a lot of difference in your career, it shows that you have the knowledge of healthcare quality and patient safety, upon successful completion of the exam, you are officially certified with a worldwide recognized certificate.

Why to attend?

By attending CPHQ preparation course, the only accredited certification program in the profession, you demonstrate your commitment to and proficiency in basic quality concepts, strategic leadership, information management, performance improvement, risk management, patient safety, healthcare accreditation and much more related to healthcare quality.


Professionals working in the healthcare and quality sector:




Lab technicians

Hospital Admin

healthcare quality professional

Accreditation officers

Medical directors

Senior nurses

Risk managers


All healthcare professionals working or interested in managerial or quality jobs can enroll for CPHQ practice exam.

Course details:

The course includes 5 modules and follows the exam content outline.

Participants should begin this course with functional knowledge in areas identified on the CPHQ exam content outline. Completion of CPHQ Review Course does not guarantee a passing score on the examination.

Learning outcomes:

Understand concepts of CPHQ course in healthcare quality
Discuss concepts of care management and case management, focus on patient safety as per CPHQ course
Gain competence in healthcare quality as CPHQ trained professional
Enhance your credibility in quality management
Demonstrate your dedication to the quality profession by CPHQ test and practice exam
Show your preparedness to improve outcomes across the continuum of care as per NAHQ CPHQ test guidelines
Acquire knowledge and skills to clear CPHQ exam accredited by NAHQ
In depth knowledge of CPHQ preparation course


Ph. Afraa Alsafadi

Ph. Mohamed Yaman Alabrazi

Ph. Mustafa Alashkar

Ph. Muneera Rashid Al-jelaify

Ph. Marouj Shukry


Event Location:

 At King Khalid University Hospital (Old Building) 2ND floor, next to ward 25.

For Registration: 


وقت الحدث:

  • بداية الحدث: Sun, May 22, 2022
  • نهاية الحدث: Thu, May 26, 2022
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